Unique framework for crafting winning creatives

Meta, Google Ads, Unity and other platforms are supported to automate the data intake.
Pick a campaign, sync creatives and it won't take long for the first insights to reveal, just enough time to grab a cup of coffee.
All video creative elements analysed on how well they performed so that Adlight can provide guidance on further actions.

Deep in the tech

Our deep-tech analysis includes examining every detail and element in the ad's video to measure its impact and performance.

That will provide actionable insights and feedback on how each element contributes to the creative’s success.
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Optimize with AI-fueled guidance

Based on detailed video analysis and competitive intelligence, Adlight can provide guidance on how exactly optimize creatives.

That includes potential changes in the design, colors, storytelling, messaging, or other elements of the video to ensure its better performance and engagement with your target audience.
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Benchmark using competitive intelligence

Staying ahead requires understanding your competitors and adapting your creatives quickly.

Adlight provides comprehensive competitive intelligence, helping you to benchmark your creatives against others on the market, understand trends, and implement effective strategies based on this knowledge.
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Sophisticated analysis of simple things

Adlight is ready for action.
Our technology is driving growth at scale, where iterations are swift and any hesitations are mitigated by the data insights we provide.
Text analysis
Color analysis
Custom objects analysis
Plot, flow & scenes analysis
Zoom, position, transitions analysis
Competitor creatives analysis
Metadata analysis
Real-world scenes analysis
Object fatigue detection
Sound analysis
Plus 20+ more features
to deliver a complete insight
into what’s going on with your ads.

Make Adlight your competitive advantage and boost ROI

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